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Monday, January 25th, 2010

Samsung NC10 hack adds Second Mini PCI-e Slot

Samsung NC10 owner Graeme wanted to add a Broadcom HD decoder card for 1080p HD playback but only had one PCI-e slot in his netbook, and it was already occupied by his wireless card. Not wanting to give up WIFI, or settle for a USB wireless card, Graeme took a soldering iron to the NC10 and added a second slot.

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Adventurous modder starts HP Mini 1000 Tablet project

Timm McCoy, over at the MyHPMini forums has started a DIY HP Mini 1000 tablet project.  He has taken apart his HP Mini 1000 netbook, tweaked a few wires and moved some components as well as flipping over the screen already.  He says the next steps are to install a touchscreen kit, and re-install the […]

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Acer Aspire One gets DIY 1080p HD ugrade with Broadcom PCI-e card

Over at Terracode, they’ve done some major work to incorporate Broadcom’s HD Accelerator mini PCI-e card (model BCM70012) into the Acer Aspire one. There were two options to install the external graphics accelerator, either older on a mini pci-e connector into the existing traces on the motherboard or remove the 802.11g Wi-Fi card from it’s mini PCI-e slot and install it there. Initially, soldering was attempted, but after a botched attempt (due to the tiny traces on the motherboard), the Broadcom card was slotted into the Wi-Fi card’s place. That necessitates the use of a US B Wi-FI card, but they though it was worth it to see how the HD ugprade would perform. While they were at it, they also upgraded the HD to a Kingston ssdNow V series 64 GB SATA solid state drive and upped the RAM from 1gb to 2gb.

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

DIY Special: Add a touchscreen to your Acer Aspire One

The Acer Aspire One, despite all the latest and greatest such as the 1008HA from Asus, still a great netbook. As reviewed here at Netbooks Heaven, it has the familiar and still mostly up to date specs of a 1.6ghz Atom processor, 6 cell battery, 1gb ram and 160gb hard drive. You can, however, set […]

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