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Friday, September 18th, 2009

[Video] Unboxing the Nokia Booklet 3g.

It’s not in English, but it is an unboxing video. Looks like Nokia has been taking some packaging cues from Apple with its new Booklet. Not much news here, but I did notice a nicely designed powerbrick with an integrated spool for the cable. I wish more portable pc manufacturers would break away like this and do useful things with the humble powerbrick.

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

[Video] Hands-on with the new Vodafone Vitesse netbook

Past the break, a few of the first hands-on videos of the new Vodafone Vitesse netbook, which is actually just a rebadged Onkyo Sotec C204, which was released in Japan earlier this year.  The Vitesse’s biggest plus points are a weight of just 933 grams, and its built-in 3g connectivity via a hidden SIM card […]

Monday, June 8th, 2009

More 3g Netbooks are coming – Starting with the Asus Eee PC 1005HGO

Asus added a Huawei EM770 3g modem to the Eee PC 1005HA to make it the 3g enabled Eee PC 1005HGO.  For the rest, all the traditional netbook specs remain,  including a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pxiel display, 1.66GHz Intel Atom CPU, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, 1GB of RAM, and a 160Gb hard drive. It […]

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