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Netbook or Tablet for Online Poker?

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Tablet vs. Netbook

The Netbook vs. Tablet argument is one that is ever rife. There are obviously benefits to both, but when it comes to poker which one provides you with the best gaming experience? This article takes a look at the pros and cons of both the Netbook and Tablet for online poker. Both a Netbook and Tablet are a good option when travelling as they are more portable than a desktop computer or laptop and as long as you have access to the internet you should be able to access many of the main poker sites. Now however, you need to consider whether a Netbook of Tablet would be more suited to your gaming needs.

Tablets: Tablets are often preferred for general internet activity as they are high speed, extremely portable and perfect for web browsing. However, when it comes to online gaming, not all real-money mobile poker providers support tablet devices, it will depend on the operating systems they use. That said, as tablet devices become more and more popular, many sites including PokerStars have adapted their iOS and Android applications to also support iPads and a number of other tablets. A further issue to consider when making your decision is the lack of keyboard. Many poker players like to have a mouse and a keyboard and are put off by the idea of playing solely with a touch screen.

Netbooks: Netbooks are essentially just a mini-laptop. Such that, they have a fold-out keyboard rather than a touch screen, a similar processor yet they are generally more portable and convenient. Some people would argue that the smaller screen proves an issue for game play, however again it depends on the type of gamer you are. For example, how often you play and what types of games you partake in? For example, when multi-tabling some players would prefer to play with a full-sized screen. The disadvantages of a netbook are that they are generally not as fast or smooth as a tablet. Again this is something that would need to be considered dependant on your gaming needs.

Hopefully this has helped you identify the pros and cons of both types of device. Remember a few things to consider when choosing which device you are going to use:
Which factor is most important to you? Are you more concerned with transportability or speed? Do you need a keyboard or can you rely on touch screen?
What are your gaming habits? How often do you play? Which games do you tend to play?
It the type of device supported by your choice of provider? This is definitely worth checking if you’re going for a tablet. You can usually find this out by looking at the mobile device section of the provider’s website.

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