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Asus adds ‘Instant-On’ to latest netbooks

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Asus Instant On Netbooks

The latest Asus Zenbook UX31 has the  ability to resume from sleep nearly instantly and now Asus is bringing the same feature to its Intel Atom-powered netbooks.  The feature is available on the latest Eee PC 1025C and 1025CE  and also adds a new sleep mode that allows an Eee PC netbook to resume from sleep in just 3 seconds.  Asus says you should also get about 21 days of sleep time while using Instant On, so the sleep mode isn’t exactly a battery killer.

The company is also adding a few other new apps to its latest netbooks including one called Smart Camera and another called Media Sharing, but the quick resume technology is the most impressive, since it’s the type of feature you normally find in significantly more expensive computers.

The Eee PC 1025C  is expected to launch this month for about $299, while the 1025CE with a slightly faster processor is expected to run $319 and up.


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