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Tablets or netbooks?

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Netbooks vs. tablets
These days, there seem to be so many “smart” devices available that it’s often difficult to know which sort of product would be best for your specific needs. You could simply get a desktop computer, or if you want more portability there is always a strong selection of laptops available. Now, however, you also have to choose between laptops and tablets, or even netbooks.

In fact, some people who only use such devices for entertainment and occasional communication are getting by with just their smart phones! Ultimately, you can choose just about any of these types of products from any standard mobile service company such as O2 Deciding which products you want is all about assessing your own needs and preferences.  If you are looking to get internet access for your tablet or netbook, then visit uSwitch to compare broadband deals and find the best deal for you.

One of the most difficult distinctions and choices to make among the products listed above is between smart tablets and netbooks. Both of these are essentially products designed as more convenient, more portable versions of laptop computers – however, there are significant differences between them. Here is a brief outline of some of these differences.

Tablets – Known mostly for high internet speeds and extreme portability, tablets are absolutely fantastic for entertainment and web browsing purposes. Generally tablet screens are about 10 inches or less in size, and they are very light, meaning that they’re easy to travel with no matter where you’re headed. Most tablets are very simple to navigate and operate, and are recommended for web browsing, music, and entertainment such as watching movies and playing games.
Netbooks – More similar to laptops than tablets, netbooks are in fact, for all intents and purposes, mini-laptops. Unlike tablets, they operate via a fold-out keyboard instead of a touch screen, but due to their smaller sizes they are still very portable and convenient. The disadvantages to netbooks are that they simply don’t function as quickly or smoothly as tablets in some cases, which makes them less ideal for game play, movie watching, etc. However, netbooks are still very capable when it comes to web browsing, and are generally considered very good for work-related activities. Thanks in part to the included keyboard, netbooks work well with word processing, which is one reason they are better for most work activities.

Ultimately, it is not difficult to assess which type of device would be better for you. If you plan on using your device for lots of work and typing-related activities, the netbook is probably the way to go. However, if you’re simply looking for a device that offers you portable internet access and entertainment sources, you can’t go wrong with a tablet. Both are spectacular products overall, and the differences are actually surprisingly subtle in the end.

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