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Ace Hotel and Virgin American to offer Chromebook loaners

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Virgin America Chromebook

Google has announced a new partnership that can get you a new Chromebook without paying for it. They’ve partnered with US airline, Virgin America to allow customers to borrow laptops running Chrome OS for free on flights originating in San Francisco, Chicago O’Hare airport, Dallas/Fort Worth, or Boston.  Passengers simply check out a Chromebook will be able to surf the web in the air using free WiFi.

Virgin Air has announced some more details about the “Chrome Zone” program. The program will run from July 1st through September 30th. As you’d expect, the airline will require you to turn in the Chromebook when you depart the plane.

But that’s not the only partnership up their sleeve.  They’ve also teamed up with the Ace Hotel in New York City to put a Chromebook in each room. The laptops will connect to the hotel’s WiFi for use around the building — but you can also use the laptop away from the hotel thanks to built-in 3G.

Chromebooks will be available from Virgin Air and Ace Hotel New York all summer starting July 1st.

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