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[Review] Sony Vaio YB 11.6 inch notebook with AMD Zacate

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sony vaio yb

Sony’s new Vaio YB is a portable laptop fitting somewhere between the Sony Vaio W 10 inch netbook and the company’s more ambitious (and expensive) products such as the Vaio P 8.9 inch ultraportable.

Unlike the netbook Vaio which all have low power Intel Atom processors, the Sony Vaio YB has an AMD E-350 dual core processor and Radeon HD 6310 graphics. With a price tag of $599 (in the US), it’s quite reasonably priced.

In a recent review, folks at Laptop Magazine  found the machine to be stylish, light weight, and reasonably powerful — especially when compared with an Intel Atom-based notebook. The notebook ran for about 5 hours on a charge, which isn’t bad, but it’s about an hour less time than Laptop Magazine got from HP and Lenovo’s AMD E-350-equipped notebooks.

You can find more details and plenty of photos at Laptop Magazine.

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