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[Review]Apple’s new Macbook Air

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apple macbook air review

Steve Jobs may have said that they’d never builda netbook, but they’ve come closer than ver with the new MacBook Air. With a starting price of $999 (USD) for the 11.6″ screen version, it’s about 2-3 times more expensive than a netbook, but you do get more powerful hardware than most netbooks as well.  There’s also a 13.3″ version that starts at at $1299 with 128GB of storage.

The new Macbook Air comes with SSD (solid state drive) only, in 64gb and 128gb  versions.  We’re sure most, if not all laptops eventually will utilize an SSD drive, but for now it’s still to expensive for most netbooks.  SlashGear also reports that the laptop has a full sized keyboard and the same huge multitouch trackpad found on larger Mac laptops.Laptop Magazine reports the unibody aluminum case makes the MacBook Air feel much sturdier than most netbooks.

Overall, the MacBook Air looks looks like a solid ultraportable from Apple, and it’s another good option to the trend of hackintosh netbooks if you want OSX and have the cash to spare.

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