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Chinese ARM based Wabook Costs Less than $100

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 Wabook ARM based Chinese Netbook

Cloned in China brings us news of a new budget netbook from a Chinese manufacturer called Wabook.  The Wabook is a 10″  netbook powered by an ARM processor and is due to cost less than $100 when it hits the streets in China. Now normally these ultra-cheap Chinese netbooks have, well, looked ultra cheap with 7 inch displays and incredibly cramped keyboards.  However, this Wabook looks suprisingly decent.  It has a a roomy 10 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display and the styling looks reasonably up to date.

Under the hodd, the Wabook has a 300MHz ARM-based VIA 8505 chip, 128MB of RAM, and 1GB of flash storage.  The OS comes in the form of Windows CE or Google Android and has an 1800mAh battery which is only good for about 2 hours of run time.  That’s pretty low, but on the bright side, it only weights 1.9lbs (less than 1kg).

We’d certainly buy one for less than $100 if we could.

via Cloned in China

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