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HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition to Launch March 19th

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HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition

As they did with the Tord Boontje Mini 110, HP have teamed up with designer Vivienne Tam to create a special edition of the new HP Mini 210 netbook.  It is scheduled to ship on March 19th, in the States at leaste, and the netbook features a butterfly motif which was designed by Vivienne Tam.

The regular HP mini 210 runs about $280 in the US, and this ‘designer’ edition will sell for $600 – so quite a premium.  For your extra dosh you get the designer lid, desktop wallpaper and optional matching wireless mouse.  Under the hood it’s less designer, and more standard Pinetrail era netbook fare.  Namely, it has 2GB of RAM, a 320G hard drive, and runs Windows 7 Home Premium rather than the Windows 7 Starter Edition that normally hobbles 10 inch netbooks.

You can check out the Vivienne Tam US edition here at the US Amazon, or you can order the regular HP Mini 210 here in the UK at Amazon for £264.97.

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