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New OSX Snow Leopard update blocks Intel Atom support, kills Hackintoshes

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Snow Leopard and Atom don't mix

Snow Leopard and Atom don't mix

For those of you that have ‘Hackintoshed’ your netbook, don’t upgrade to the latest release of Snow Leopard when it comes out.  Stellarolla, a well known OSX authority, and a key contributor to the original hackintosh writes on his blog:

In the current developer build of 10.6.2, Apple appears to have changed around a lot of CPU related information. One of the effects of this is Apple killing off Intel’s Atom chip.

Now, before we all panic, please note that he says ‘current’ and ‘developer’.  This isn’t the final consumer release, so Apple could still stop being petty and allow Atom processors to run Snow Leopart 10.6.2.  If they don’t however, we recommend keeping your frankenmacs loaded with 10.6.1.

Stells Blog via Wired

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