October 3rd, 2013

Like playing online casino games but aren’t anywhere near your PC? Turn to your Mobile!

The mobile industry is a bustling metropolis of contenders with new technologies improving the dated old ‘brick’ of a phone that was only used to call your mate asking him to meet you down at the pub.


Much like how everything these days has an application and is easily accessible on your mobile, so too are online casinos. Royal Vegas Mobile Casino is one such example of this. Representatives from the casino have noted that more and more of their new players are coming through the doors via mobiles with their being no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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April 4th, 2013

Need to stream music to your Vintage Receiver? Use a netbook!

Pioneer SX-5590 Receiver

There are many uses for netbooks, and one that I use my Lenovo Ideapad for, is to stream music to my vintage Pioneer SX-1280 receiver.   These vintage audio receivers sound great when playing vinyl, but sometimes it’s just easy to pop on a Spotify radio station and let it go.

It’s easy to connect a netbook to your receiver or amplifier.  The easiest method is to utilize a 3.5mm to RCA cable.  Then, plug the 3.5mm headphone jack into your netbook, and the red and white rca cables into the AUX jack of your receiver.

If you’d like better sound, and you’re ready to spend some money, find a USB DAC.  The DAC will take a data stream from your netbook’s USB port and convert it into analogue sound that can be fed to your receiver!


January 18th, 2013

Netbook or Tablet for Online Poker?

Tablet vs. Netbook

The Netbook vs. Tablet argument is one that is ever rife. There are obviously benefits to both, but when it comes to poker which one provides you with the best gaming experience? This article takes a look at the pros and cons of both the Netbook and Tablet for online poker. Both a Netbook and Tablet are a good option when travelling as they are more portable than a desktop computer or laptop and as long as you have access to the internet you should be able to access many of the main poker sites. Now however, you need to consider whether a Netbook of Tablet would be more suited to your gaming needs.

Tablets: Tablets are often preferred for general internet activity as they are high speed, extremely portable and perfect for web browsing. However, when it comes to online gaming, not all real-money mobile poker providers support tablet devices, it will depend on the operating systems they use. That said, as tablet devices become more and more popular, many sites including PokerStars have adapted their iOS and Android applications to also support iPads and a number of other tablets. A further issue to consider when making your decision is the lack of keyboard. Many poker players like to have a mouse and a keyboard and are put off by the idea of playing solely with a touch screen.

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January 4th, 2013

Asus adds ‘Instant-On’ to latest netbooks

Asus Instant On Netbooks

The latest Asus Zenbook UX31 has the  ability to resume from sleep nearly instantly and now Asus is bringing the same feature to its Intel Atom-powered netbooks.  The feature is available on the latest Eee PC 1025C and 1025CE  and also adds a new sleep mode that allows an Eee PC netbook to resume from sleep in just 3 seconds.  Asus says you should also get about 21 days of sleep time while using Instant On, so the sleep mode isn’t exactly a battery killer.

The company is also adding a few other new apps to its latest netbooks including one called Smart Camera and another called Media Sharing, but the quick resume technology is the most impressive, since it’s the type of feature you normally find in significantly more expensive computers.

The Eee PC 1025C  is expected to launch this month for about $299, while the 1025CE with a slightly faster processor is expected to run $319 and up.


December 5th, 2012

Lenovo’s new 11.6″ ultra-portable is aimed at Students

lenovo thinkpad x130e

The Lenovo ThinkPad X130e is a netbook/laptop with a 11.6 inch display and a rugged case designed for students and schools. It will be available starting December 20th for $469 (US dollars).  The X130E will be available with AMD or Intel processors, but all models weigh less than 4 pounds, provide up to 8.5 hours of run time, and have rugged design elements including a rubber bumper on the top cover, strong corners and hinges, and reinforced and recessed ports.  Intel models will feature the Intel Core i3-2367M processor, while the AMD models are available with AMD E-300 or AMD E-450 processor options.

The laptop comes with 3 cell, 31.2 Whr or 6 cell, 62.4 Whr battery options, up to 8GB of RAM, a 320GB or 500GB hard drive, and a VGA webcam with low light sensitivity.

There are a range of ports including VGA, HDMI, and Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB 2.0 ports including one powered USB port, and a flash card reader. The laptop has WiFi and Bluetooth and optional mobile broadband.


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